Welcome to Boutique Bummis!


4302 St-Laurent
Corner of Marie-Anne
Montreal QC H2W 1Z3

Opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday: 10 - 6
Thursday and Friday: 10 - 8
Saturday: 10 - 5
Sunday: 12 - 5


English on boutiquebummis.com

Our website is not currently available in English. If you live in the Montreal area, we encourage you to visit us at our wonderful boutique, where our staff would be more than happy to serve you in English or French. Don't worry, if you don't live near Montreal, you can still place an order...

How to place an order:

If you live in the province of Quebec or if you are placing an order that will ship to a Quebec address and would like to order any of the products you see on our website, please call us at 1-888-828-6647 and we will gladly help you place an order.

If you live outside the province of Quebec, please visit www.bummis.com to find a retailer of Bummis products near you. Many retailers of Bummis products carry a similar assortment of products that you will find at Boutique Bummis. If we can be of any further service in helping you, please feel free to call us at 1-888-828-6647.

What will you find at Boutique Bummis?

Cloth diapers

  • Bummis organic cotton prefolds
  • Bamboozles
  • bumGenius One-Size 4.0, bumGenius organic All-in-Ones, Elemental
  • Bummis diaper covers: Super Whisper Wrap, Super Brite, Bummi Original, Super snap, Super Lite.
  • Aristocrat wool diaper cover
  • Bio-Soft liners that make diaper changes faster, and your washing routine easier
  • Much, much more!

Baby carriers

  • ERGObaby
  • Beco Gemini
  • Sakura Bloom
  • Maman Kangourou
  • Cuddly Wrap
  • Didymos
  • Moa Po
  • Chimparoo

Breastfeeding and pregnancy accessories

  • Bravado nursing bras and tanks
  • Glamourmom nursing tanks
  • The Kuddle Ring nursing pillow by Bummis
  • Nursing pads, teas and creams
  • Medela breastpumps and accessories
  • BPA-free bottles: Life Factory, Mimijumi, Medela and Klean Kanteen
  • Bella Bands

And a whole lot more!

  • Natural skincare products for moms and babies
  • Spa Baby tub and other bath accessories
  • Babycubes, SnackTrap, Baby Steps Food Mill, Sanctus Mundo stainless steel dishes
  • A selection of clothing and accessories
  • Toys made of wood or organic cotton and wool
  • Teething toys
  • Folkmanis puppets
  • And more still!

So why don't we have an English retail website?

Bummis is a Montreal-based manufacturer and distributor of reusable diapering products, as well as a retailer. There is a wide network of Bummis retailers in Canada, the United States and around the world.

When Bummis first opened a retail store, it was with the intention of confining its retail sales to Quebec. As a manufacturer, Bummis did not want to compete with its own retailers elsewhere in Canada! The Anglophone Canadian community was already well served by many great e-tailers. There were hardly any Francophone retailers at the time, so boutiquebummis.com was created with the intention of filling that gap here in Quebec.

If Boutique Bummis had a bilingual retail website, it would be difficult to limit our sales to the province of Quebec. As such, we have decided to refer our Anglophone Canadian customers to e-tailers of Bummis products in the rest of Canada.

Rest assured that the staff in both of our stores and in our office are fluently bilingual, and you will be served very graciously in English when you call or visit us!